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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Legal Weed in Massachusetts, now what?

I'm all for the legalization of Marijuana, have been for years.

IT'S NOW LEGAL IN MASSACHUSETTS!! The most tight-ass, high-strung, overly entitled state in the New England area (aside from Connecticut, of course) now allows for some legal weed. Lord knows we need it!

Just to put it out there, I'm not actually a fan of this, but I do feel it's a good thing for two reasons:

  1. Non-violent offenses will not see a court room. Way too many times someone gets a bad rap over a very minute amount of weed, and it's scary to think that they tend to go after weed heads more often than those who distribute harder drugs. 
  2. Many who wanted to pursue marijuana sales in a legitimate way have that opportunity. It'll be taxed, of course it's Taxachusetts, but at least the extra revenue will hopefully (grain of salt here) help with lots of budget issues the state has put itself into.

Why am I not a fan? Because it opens up a great amount of ammunition for those who oppose to point at and say, "Look! They're all stoned, and it's affecting our children!".. If people were more responsible about their use, this would keep them at bay for the push-back. Also, my other concern would be towards businesses being able to ensure kids don't get their hands on weed, since they tend to be the common scapegoat for stopping everything (protect the kids from gays/sex/drugs/music yet indoctrinate them to what we want!)..

I do, however, hope that this opens up the federal discussion, making weed legal on a federal level with protection from Big Pharma trying to muscle in. If we had these things in place sooner, many of my relatives who've suffered and passed due to cancer would've had a more viable and less intrusive way to medicate (chemo and radiation are just nasty).

Our medicines are still slightly archaic, well some of them are that's for sure. It just sucks because no medical researcher will look at studies done anywhere else and say, "Hey, these guys are on to something! let's get clearance to test it ourselves!". Weed would've been legal long ago, many would've been treated, I'd still have my father/uncles/grandmother and other relatives, and SO WOULD YOU!

To the DEA: please look at the idea of changing the schedule of marijuana, it's not as dangerous as cocaine or heroin, so it shouldn't be treated as such. Like alcohol, stupidity is the main side-effect and maybe the urge to eat all the snacks, but someone on chemo with appetite loss wouldn't mind having the munchies..

To you goodie-goodie bible thumpers: Stay out of everyone else's business, whatever works for you just keep it that way. I don't think my "eternal soul" is in any jeopardy because I have a joint nearby. Try going after pedophiles, you know, the guys in your congregation? Weed dispensaries are not going after your kids, just like President Obama never came for your guns.

To those who really want weed legal: Do your part to keep things normal. The opposition is looking to say "I told you so!" so hard they missed their Viagra dose. Yup, that's a weird boner we don't wanna be the cause of. Get more involved with the Cannabis community, not just toke at a rally I mean really look at what these groups want. Help them any way possible.

Prove you're not just a bunch of dirty hippy stoners who need a legal excuse to stay baked, because that's what the enemy thinks already. PROVE THEM WRONG!!

I'm done, that gummy bear is kicking in!!

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