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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some insight on Style!

Yup, me again.. Shopping after the holidays tends to leave most of us broke (definitely feeling it), but some sales are just hard to pass on. depending on your area, tastes, eyesight, I'm gonna list a few of my usual spots I hit up for added prettiness!

Express- A staple in my work attire, and becoming more of an everyday look for me. I tend to be the typical tee-shirt and jeans guy, but why not when tees are now buy one get one 50% off? Jeans are the same, clearance is marked way down ($60 shirts are now $20) and underwear is buy one get one for $9.90. Pretty good, and the sales slips double as 15% off coupons, that DO NOT EXPIRE!! I'm holding out for a nice Modern Fit suit (they call the cut "Producer" in store, fitted but not slim).

  Heyday Footwear - You didn't think I'd forget mentioning my obsession? New styles are on deck for pre-order, the Super Rox 2 is a redux of the motorcycle boot they did early last year. New materials, now with patent heel cup, suede upper and a mesh collar, these new boots are looking quite sharp! The new Saints Row pythons are a throwback to the old-school ruby python, but with a slight twist. Check out the website in the banner above, or if you're lazy..

  Old Navy- A classic that I can't walk away from, even if I can't fit half of their clothes anymore. I'm a fan of the slim straight Premium Denim, not too skinny and not too loose either. I've been wearing the Frost-Free bubble coats and wool pea coats for quite some time, and they're hands-down the warmest coats this far south of the price of North Face. Get a card, and enjoy the random 30% deals for card holders! I tend to buy watches just as much as I buy Heydays (yup, plugged again), and this site has some serious hard-wear for the collector. Good prices, lots of watches from Movado, Invicta, and other brands that usually run over $500 full retail. Dynamite Time sells most of their stock in a limited-time sorta fashion, and many $500 watches can be copped for $99 or less! I got a Yacht Man stainless band retailing at $495 on the way, I only paid $30! Love me a bargain.. Next post might have to be fitness related, since the new year brings a lot of people to the gym, only to leave shortly after.. If you plan to make a permanent change fitness-wise, stay tuned!


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