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Friday, November 30, 2012

Collage: The Shift Supreme Initiative!

  As we all know, I tend to go all out with ordering and spreading the word on Heyday Footwear.. If they were not awesome, that would be a different story. Since they are, and they have an ad for the Shift Supreme being versatile  up to 32 different combinations, I felt I should try to stretch that number.

WHAT IS THE SHIFT SUPREME?: Simple, the signature Shift RS sneaker with 4 pairs of laces (black, red, yellow, white) and 2 pairs of reversible tongues (red/yellow, black/white). You can switch the tongue/lace combination as you see fit, and how your outfit of the day might compliment the style. I went a step further by using a multitude of different lace colors with random tongue combos, and even some unique lacing styles as well. My goal was just to see what degree we can further customize on these shoes, and I have many more styles in mind!

Here's what I've compiled so far, possibly a YouTube clip to follow!

Check out and try your own mix!! It's not hype, I actually was in public with two shades of pink laces! ;-)

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