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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Style isn't really my style, get it?

I'm a simple guy, tee shirt and jeans with some comfy sneakers is my daily outfit. These days, even that can be over-done with all the fashion labels, flashy logos, and even flashier price tags. Ever walk into an Ed Hardy shop? I can draw skulls on a tee shirt, does it justify the need to sell them at $80 a pop? Not really, I don't have a cool name that people would see on a label in Macy's. "Hey, is that a Peter Camillo turtleneck?" See, doesn't sound right.

One thing that has yet to change is my love for shoes. Maybe it's from growing up in a predominantly female household, but I shop for shoes more than actual clothing. Even when it comes to shoes, my tastes are simple. I do love my Adidas Campus suede, Puma Suede, and the rest are casual shoes. I remember looking in The Tannery at the sneakers they carried, top-shelf kicks you don't see in mall stores. Expensive, yet they gave the heir of exclusivity. Not everyone has them, and you're in the club. SneakerHeads always find the most obscure, eclectic, head-turning pair of kicks, and will spend top dollar for them. I'm not that guy, but I'm getting there!

 I'm not sure when, but I do recall seeing random tweets about HeyDay Footwear on Twitter. I looked at the site, the styles are a refreshing mix of flashy, smooth, laid-back, and attention grabbing. I felt that now's the time, I can be part of the "exclusive" bunch. I can rock some sweet kicks, and not look like everyone else because they all got them from Champ's Sports like I did a week ago. This is a new level of shoe buying for me, and to think I was actually swearing off purchasing sneakers, ever again!
At work, rockin' HeyDay Shift RS sneakers.
 So I'm now one of the cool kids, I've purchased sneakers you can't find in FootLocker, and I'm more than likely to order more! If you're interested, or just curious about the brand, check out the HeyDay site for your own unique style.

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