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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anabolic State, Part Deux!

Welcome! If you missed the first blog, here's a quick refresher:

  1. I'm not a doctor, but I have referenced my information from actual medical personnel, and books on the subject.
  2. I don't condemn, nor condone the use of anabolic hormones, especially if you're a professional athlete
  3. There is a difference between having a medical condition, and using the excuse for an edge. If you need it, be smart with it.
  4. I'm fat.. ;-)
  5. We would all be better off learning about things instead of blaming them for what athletes do. If a vial sits there and no one touches it, fine. If the athlete decides to use it, it's their fault not the drug!!
Okay, off the soapbox to get back to the topic.

Did you know the DEA and the FDA in 1994 didn't even want to make steroids illegal? There was, and probably never will be, evidence to prove that anabolic steroids have the same narcotic characteristics of other drugs. In other words: it can't kill you on its own. Cocaine and heroin are highly addictive, and if your body can't process them you can overdose rather easily and die. The sad part, you'll never know what dose will kill you. Steroids, as in testosterone and its derivatives, only have a psychological addiction. Guys (hell, and some girls. Let's be real, here!) feel amazing on them, stronger and more confident. Personalities can be emphasized on testosterone (not "roid rage", but just intensifying the asshole part), it's even used in some cases to help depression. Don't believe me? Hit up Google, you'll find plenty of trials from here, and other countries who've used testosterone for "anti-aging" use.

From a sports point of view, I do understand why athletes use so-called PED's. Mainly, and this goes for the real physically demanding sports (MMA, football, yes even soccer) the allure is for the speedy recovery time during training. You run your body like a truck, it'll sooner or later start feeling like a hatchback. Plenty of players are able to recover, even stave off injury with this. That's where the "performance-enhancing" comes in. I hate calling these products Performance Enhancing Drugs because taking them won't make anyone a better athlete. I've done my share of amateur mma competitions, and have beaten guys who were on something. Wait, if they're on something, wouldn't that make them a better fighter? Guess not, if they lost to me, and others. Basically, taking some pills or injecting some oils won't make anyone GSP overnight.

Stick around, I may add some other tidbits and such to stake my case. Possibly talk about supplements that aren't so "natural" that slip under the radar. Once again, I only intend to inform, and hopefully anyone who reads this will read further, and form their own opinion.

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