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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Training at Combat Sports, the reason I limp 3x weekly!

I've practiced many different styles of martial arts for years, many times the training was informal. I've never really had the money to learn a style, then progress through the ranks to become an "expert" at my chosen skill. Sucks, all that time wasted when I could've been in the dojo taking front kicks from a yellow belt.

Now, I have the money (sort of) and some time to put aside to train in Muay Thai. It's very different from any style I've learned by how you use a lot of energy generated from the ground up. Doesn't sound like it's easy, because it's not! I'm still working through the bad habits I've learned from other fighting styles. I still tend to throw kicks with leg power more than I should put more hip into it. Just little things here and there that'll work themselves out.

After a couple months of training, I didn't intend to be ready for any competitions (no plans to fight) but I am getting in shape rather quickly. My waist is getting leaner, I see more definition in my shoulders and back. My legs are shaping up also, they tend to be my worst part (they either get bigger or stay lean, can't win).. I'm recovering faster these days, now just need to bring up the protein intake, and fiber/veggie intake as well..