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Friday, September 3, 2010

Need eating advice? There's a (few) book(s) for that!

Working as a personal trainer, I tend to get a whole lot of questions about which books to get for how to cook foods better. It's usually the client being weirded out by the words "Bodybuilding Diet", they automatically feel like they have to eat boring tasteless foods, and they fear the misery. What's so miserable about eating right to begin with? Yes, junk foods taste awesome, but they are called  junk food for a good reason. Here, I'll list a few examples:

  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in everything, yet many companies would have you think that it's no more bad for you than cane sugar. Google it and you'll find plenty of reports and studies showing that isn't true. Most recently, I recall reading a report that HFCS was found to feed cancer cells. Read them labels!
  2. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants, and less fat and sugar than its yummy counterpart milk chocolate. It also has more phytosterols and vitamins, not bad for a candy!
  3. Trans Fats are in a lot of fast-food burgers, if you ask a nutritionist what the RDA of trans-fats are they should say 0. Not all fats make you fat, but trans-fatty acids can clog your arteries and cause heart disease. 
Eating right shouldn't mean "diet" in the traditional sense. Many confuse that term with thinking of some sort of fad (Atkins, Skinny Bitch, Acai), but basically your diet is just what your daily food intake is comprised of. If you eat pizza, burgers, and soda everyday that is your diet, and it's bad. If the regular person just read more labels on their foods, and searched the web more often about nutrition, they'd be better off. Then again, if I'm working as a trainer, I need these people to seek me out because they can't do it alone. ;-)

On to the books I've mentioned, there are a few that I recommend regularly. I'll list these books here, check out Border's or Amazon for good prices on them. I'm also going to include books that may be on the line of being both nutritional and fitness. 

  • Master Your Metabolism- Jillian Michaels: She's awesome, very inspiring. Both books are a must-own. The cookbook has a ton of fun recipes that are delicious and good for you.
  • Eat This, Not That!- David Zinczenko: They hire some smart people over at Men's/Women's Health! This whole series of books is worth owning, everything from fast-food to what kids should/shouldn't eat. They even have one based on bad beverages, so you can have that iced latte and save yourself some calories while you do it.
  • The Abs Diet- David Zinczenko: Yet again, another well written gem from the man behind Men's/Women's Health. Very easy to follow meals and workouts, there's even a women's version.
 These are my main favorites to recommend to clients for extra reading. I do also like a few books more geared towards bodybuilding (Ultimate Diet 2.0, Building the Perfect Beast), but this was more for those who just want to get in shape. Maybe a more hardcore lifter oriented blog in the future? Good chance of that happening!

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