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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Legal Weed in Massachusetts, now what?

I'm all for the legalization of Marijuana, have been for years.

IT'S NOW LEGAL IN MASSACHUSETTS!! The most tight-ass, high-strung, overly entitled state in the New England area (aside from Connecticut, of course) now allows for some legal weed. Lord knows we need it!

Just to put it out there, I'm not actually a fan of this, but I do feel it's a good thing for two reasons:

  1. Non-violent offenses will not see a court room. Way too many times someone gets a bad rap over a very minute amount of weed, and it's scary to think that they tend to go after weed heads more often than those who distribute harder drugs. 
  2. Many who wanted to pursue marijuana sales in a legitimate way have that opportunity. It'll be taxed, of course it's Taxachusetts, but at least the extra revenue will hopefully (grain of salt here) help with lots of budget issues the state has put itself into.

Why am I not a fan? Because it opens up a great amount of ammunition for those who oppose to point at and say, "Look! They're all stoned, and it's affecting our children!".. If people were more responsible about their use, this would keep them at bay for the push-back. Also, my other concern would be towards businesses being able to ensure kids don't get their hands on weed, since they tend to be the common scapegoat for stopping everything (protect the kids from gays/sex/drugs/music yet indoctrinate them to what we want!)..

I do, however, hope that this opens up the federal discussion, making weed legal on a federal level with protection from Big Pharma trying to muscle in. If we had these things in place sooner, many of my relatives who've suffered and passed due to cancer would've had a more viable and less intrusive way to medicate (chemo and radiation are just nasty).

Our medicines are still slightly archaic, well some of them are that's for sure. It just sucks because no medical researcher will look at studies done anywhere else and say, "Hey, these guys are on to something! let's get clearance to test it ourselves!". Weed would've been legal long ago, many would've been treated, I'd still have my father/uncles/grandmother and other relatives, and SO WOULD YOU!

To the DEA: please look at the idea of changing the schedule of marijuana, it's not as dangerous as cocaine or heroin, so it shouldn't be treated as such. Like alcohol, stupidity is the main side-effect and maybe the urge to eat all the snacks, but someone on chemo with appetite loss wouldn't mind having the munchies..

To you goodie-goodie bible thumpers: Stay out of everyone else's business, whatever works for you just keep it that way. I don't think my "eternal soul" is in any jeopardy because I have a joint nearby. Try going after pedophiles, you know, the guys in your congregation? Weed dispensaries are not going after your kids, just like President Obama never came for your guns.

To those who really want weed legal: Do your part to keep things normal. The opposition is looking to say "I told you so!" so hard they missed their Viagra dose. Yup, that's a weird boner we don't wanna be the cause of. Get more involved with the Cannabis community, not just toke at a rally I mean really look at what these groups want. Help them any way possible.

Prove you're not just a bunch of dirty hippy stoners who need a legal excuse to stay baked, because that's what the enemy thinks already. PROVE THEM WRONG!!

I'm done, that gummy bear is kicking in!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015



Yeah, the caffeine is kickin' in hard!

Remember getting free samples anywhere that had them? Even if you didn't use the product, you did get that free sample. Maybe you even tried this sample, probably liked it or didn't. Maybe it was an awesome product, perhaps a tad too sweet, scent didn't last long enough, not the right shade of Hooker Pink (no judgments here!)..

What if you could get samples of products that you like, or haven't tried yet for a monthly fee?

You can, oh I don't know, try new products, and find something to change up your game? 

I'm talking about the now-popular membership-based sample program. Lots of companies have done this for a while, and new companies are popping up with more stuff! Cologne, perfume, makeup, nutritional supplements, clothes (yes, clothing!) and assorted other products for $10-$30/month.

I've tried a few, and here's my thoughts on them! I'll start with the ones I've used the longest and work my way up. If there's any pros/cons to them, I'll list them.. Many of these companies have monthly, yearly, and pay-as-you-go options, I'll list the prices.

Jacked Pack!!

Formerly run by Muscle & Fitness, this service send you random sports supplements every month. Also, based on your profile, they may send more relevant products to you, and some special products in male/female subscriber boxes. During the time I had the M&F version, they did have a mishap in my account, but they fixed it rather quickly and gave me extra boxes for my troubles. was a different version at one point, where you could pay for a set amount of samples and also get a full-sized product every month. Since they merged, it's just a box with at least 10 sample packs, healthy recipes, and a quick workout card. They also do themed months, I believe the August box is all pre-workout products, one box was mostly different proteins and BCAA powders.

COST: $15 per month, $75 for 6 months, $135 for 1 year

PROS: Try out a new product every so often. Get a sample of a product you've heard about, and lines you may have never heard of. Good to have travel-sized packets for on the go training!

CONS: (Slightly nit-picky) Shipping frequency, they should really pay attention to your profile choices (have yet to get banana or peanut butter protein, why ask?).

ScentBird designer fragrances!

New kid on the block (to me at least) ScentBird has a good amount of men's and women's scents that you can switch between in their handy travel spray. It comes in black or red, and you load the fragrance cartridge in to spray it. They say each cart lasts 30 days (at least 4 sprays if used daily) and you can set up your ideal fragrance line-up to be shipped monthly. This is awesome for me because of 3 simple reasons:

1. I tend to collect colognes, still have a few I purchased in highschool
2. Many of the best scents (Tom Ford, Prada, Chanel) cost a bucket of arms and legs, so searching for less expensive means (,, some outlet shops) you rarely find the scent you want.
3. I never buy over 1.7oz bottles, unless it's a decent deal ($25 for a Christian Audigier 3.4oz with shower gel and deodorant, sweet!)

So far the package got here quickly, the bottle came in a velvety bag, and I can't wait for my next order! Which, by the way, happens to be Tom Ford Noir white. I got the black bottle on Amazon, but that's another blog post.

COST: $14.95 monthly, $84 every 6 months, $162 for 1 year

PROS: The carts are interchangeable, so you don't have to use the same scent everyday (who does that, amirite?) Travel-ready vials with a snazzy case (you can order extra cases also) Shipping was fast, they say they ship on the 15th and they do it! They have many of the newer fragrances.

CONS: Slightly pricey, Having a broader array of fragrances would be nice (they have plenty new ones, but some pop up too often in the profile) Seems more female driven, but on the bright side you can gift a membership to others.

Dollar Shave Club!

Get your shave on! Keep a clean, bump-free mug (or legs, no judgments) with some awesome blades from You could have them sent regularly, or bi-monthly, and they're shipped free! They also have some awesome products for shaving like shave butter (softens and soothes), a post-shave moisturizer, and a repair serum (my absolute favorite!). The blades are pretty sharp, smooth cutting, and last pretty long unless you shave daily (change blades every week). I shave probably 3x a week (baby-faced 40yr old) so the blades last me quite a bit. I get the Executive blades: 5 blades on the front with a trimmer blade on the top. The shave butter is clear, very soft fragrance, rinses clean. I've used plenty of different shave gels, some were too harsh smelling, others didn't help the razor burn.Their shave butter is a new animal! They've also recently added hair products, and they have One Wipe Charlie's, a wipe for us guys who want to be cleaner after dropping off baked goods.

PROS: Shipping is free! Good quality blades for awesome prices. Very good shaving product for all skin types. Will be trying out the One Wipe Charlie's soon. They ship quickly, and always a cool package to open! Change frequency from monthly to bi-monthly.

CONS: No face wash for guys, That's all I got!

So these are the companies I use for random sample service. So far I like the service I'm getting from them, customer service seems very good in most cases. Hit me on twitter @mrcamillo if you have questions on the brands I'm using, or if you found another one worth looking at.

FUN FACT!:  ScentBird gives you free months with every referral, you get $5 credit from referrals with DollarShaveClub. Enjoy!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Springtime! What's the styles on deck?

Hey! It's me with a quick check-in on what's goin' down in stylin' on 'em this spring!

Got some links, prepare to click and save!!

First Link: going ham! is a crazy website that carries lots of mens wear, accessories, shoes, you name it! Lots of cool styles you don't see anywhere, for low prices. I'm all about shopping on the cheap (I have the Express Next card, those rewards add up quick!) and looking through the site, I see lots of things I need to purchase as an excuse to donate the things I have that I can't and/or barely wear. If you sign up, you get $5 credit. Sign up friends, you get $10 credit when they make their first order. The cycle of awesome continues!

Another One: karmaloop!

Boston-based, flavor enhancing is their game! Karmaloop has guys and girls covered, many labels to choose from, and once again NOT PRICEY!! They even post coupon codes on the site from time to time, check out the Karmaloop Rep Team on Twitter (@KarmaloopKRP) if saving money is your thing. I'm not a rep, but from the looks of the website it's not a hard task. Check 'em out, you'll like it!

Some Quick Links for the Random Shopper:  - If you're a watch fiend like me, finding inexpensive watches by Invicta is always a godsend! Need one for the wifey? They got lady watches also. Shipping is pretty standard, my watch came in 8 business days, would be awesome if they had shipping details on the site but so far so good. - All types of sundries, even some hard to find fragrances. I find colognes that retail around $60-$80 are on the low side on this site, you get an automatic 15% off if you sign up for the newsletter. They have site-wide sales, free shipping on orders $70+, and they ship quite quickly. Quick tip: some colognes show up less expensive in gift sets. Weird, I know. A 2.4oz John Varvatos spray goes for $60, the gift set is the same size spray with after-shave and shower gel for $49! Crazy, right? - I'm an old-school Kangol aficionado, namely the Furgora line of caps (the faux fur pimp-lookin' caps). I had a black Furgora since high school, it's looking rough these days so I set out to find a worthy replacement. has an impressive line up of hats, also like you can sign up for 15% off your order up front. 

You know me, I find the deals and pass them along. I'll keep an eye out, and post in my next blog, perhaps!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some insight on Style!

Yup, me again.. Shopping after the holidays tends to leave most of us broke (definitely feeling it), but some sales are just hard to pass on. depending on your area, tastes, eyesight, I'm gonna list a few of my usual spots I hit up for added prettiness!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Collage: The Shift Supreme Initiative!

  As we all know, I tend to go all out with ordering and spreading the word on Heyday Footwear.. If they were not awesome, that would be a different story. Since they are, and they have an ad for the Shift Supreme being versatile  up to 32 different combinations, I felt I should try to stretch that number.

WHAT IS THE SHIFT SUPREME?: Simple, the signature Shift RS sneaker with 4 pairs of laces (black, red, yellow, white) and 2 pairs of reversible tongues (red/yellow, black/white). You can switch the tongue/lace combination as you see fit, and how your outfit of the day might compliment the style. I went a step further by using a multitude of different lace colors with random tongue combos, and even some unique lacing styles as well. My goal was just to see what degree we can further customize on these shoes, and I have many more styles in mind!

Here's what I've compiled so far, possibly a YouTube clip to follow!

Check out and try your own mix!! It's not hype, I actually was in public with two shades of pink laces! ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Rants about way too many things!


Lots of things tend to get to us emotionally, throw us off our game, and just plain piss us off!

Here's a quick list of my main peeves, and the people who deserve to drown in dead pig puree..

  1. Vegans, or anyone who is way too vigilant about their eating habits. Guess what? Dietary choices are kinda like religion: we are free to choose which way we want to live our lives, and you have no right ramming your beliefs down my throat. It's good you have a natural way of keeping your body functioning properly, but that doesn't mean you need to either start a cult based on sprouts, or look down on me because I'm eating Prime Rib.. 
  2. Gluten-free jack-offs! Unless you have good authority on the fact that you can't actually digest wheat protein, eat the fucking bowl of Wheat Thins and shut up! I'll stop eating wheat bread and drinking Hefeweizen beer (unfiltered wheat brew) once a doctor tells me it's causing damage to my intestines. I don't follow the "crowd" because it seems like the cool thing to do, it's not and you're not. 
  3. iPhone snobs. Yes, it's a neat contraption and no, I'm not "mad" because I can't afford one. It's the same price as any phone, and yet I choose not to be a sheep. Besides, Steve Wozniak (who helped Mr. Jobs build Apple) thinks Android devices are better for most of the things iPhones are supposed to be so awesome at. By the way, notification pop-ups and having that bar you can swipe down from the top, that's an Android function. Who's copying who? Siri? Google had voice commands and search since day 1. Maybe the 6th phone, dubbed "iPhone 5", will actually be an updated device, not just a slight refresh that still can't multi-task..
  4. The corn lobby and this whole "It's the same as sugar" bullshit they spew.. Really? Last I checked, high fructose corn syrup is man-made processed poison. Nothing you can say can change my mind, the studies that prove it, and the many fat asses that shovel that shit into their faces every chance they get, and wonder why they have metabolic issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, low thyroid output, did I mention being FAT?)
  5. Porn.. Not really a rant, just drew a blank. Besides, this is the internet, I said "Porn", you didn't pay me for that quip, so there you go. Free internet porn. You're welcome..
  6. Why is it that at any gathering or public area, if a fat guy or an out of shape guy has his shirt off, it's just because it's hot outside. If I did it, I'm "showing off", "compensating", "full of myself".. Sorry, my bad, I should just stop working out and get fat and bloated like the rest of you. And just because my shirt fits me snug in a few key areas does not mean I purposely purchased a shirt too small. That is just dumb, my wife-to-be knows I'm not in any way "compensating", and maybe you should try getting in shape before judging someone who takes care of themselves and happens to like the cosmetic effect working out has bestowed upon him. I'm sexy and I know it, bitch!
Well, I think I'm good for now. It's always a good idea to vent every so often, just let all that undue stress out, relax, and look for a little fun. Look more at the comical aspect of this post, thin about how things that piss you off can be hilarious, and life is better for that!

Now, put down the fuckin' iPhone and share some of that free porn we talked about!! ;-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The songs that push us through, and the site to find them!


It's been too long, and I'm working on a couple ideas these days. One of the <a href="">Best Workout Songs</a>, and it's quite feature-rich considering it's not at 100%, more like 98%. The features include athlete bios, full iTunes library, informative blogs and product reviews. The site is primarily a way to find the perfect songs to train to while learning of what music is actually doing on an emotional level, also   you can purchase all of the music with the iTunes connection, and you can comment on posts if you're signed in to Facebook.. More features coming, if I were writing it I'd tell you about it

My athlete profile is up, check it out I'm not usually half-naked on the web!

Remember the link! <a href="">Best Workout Songs</a>